Soapy Saturday
My orange passion fruit scented soap turned out good. BUT some of it was a bit messy. I made too much and needed to use a flat soap mold. A flat soap mold I find is not good for hot process soap. I will put these into my shower bag and use them at the gym. At least they are soapy and lathery and smell almost good enough to eat. 

The tidy batch

orange-and-passion-fruit-scented orange-soap

The messy batch 

I would recommend NOT using a flat square mold when making Hot Process soap. it is messy and doesn’t even out well and difficult to smooth over.


Yesterday I tried a recipe meant for cold process soap. Somehow I don’t think it worked. However, the smell is good even my neighbour commented on it as she passed the door. It looks too messy to take pics. I will post the finished product when I cut the soap.

The hot process method is what I began with and preferred until now that is. But only time will tell


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