Slenderness is slow but it’s sure happening

The weight is finally dropping off slowly with time and patience. I started walking regularly and have also had an experienced trainer who specialises in disabilities helping me. His motto take the little bit of energy you have and put it to good use, think of those nice jeans you desire to fit into. I’m now coming to the realisation that it also takes energy to sit and eat in front of the TV all day. I renewed my oyster card for the bus only and walk a little bit each day following the bus routes that way when I get tired I can hop on the bus. It sounds boring but at least I’m sitting on the bus thinking on what I’m doing, what I want and buzzing with ideas on change. It beats sitting in front of the TV all day gorging on junk food and watching TV. I’m hardly likely to do that on the bus. Its less boring than wasting away at home. I can get off the bus if I feel like another ten-minute walk and it is amazing how this is making me more energetic. The swimming also helps relax the muscles don’t be put off by those majorly energetic people as in my case I remind myself they all had to start somewhere and for people who find it hard either through willpower with or without disability even the smallest bit of exercise is just as good for the body as those who spend hours exercising.

As for the bad eating habits I find that now since gaining that small piece of willpower and energy I’m starting to stop eating when I’m full rather than continuing until the plate is empty. I also through what is left in the bin rather than keep it for later in a storage bowl in the fridge because I am concerned that it will only lead to snacking later in the night out of greed and a lack of mind over matter knowing it is in the fridge. I have yet to conquer my affair with sugar but at least I’ve cut down a little and not so addicted.  I believe if I try to cut it right out I will binge more however, the Custard Creams are banned from my biscuit tin and will remain that way forever.

Today I am considering starting my own business in sport and outdoor activity fashion. I miss outdoor activity and some sports with a passion and whilst I am out of it physically doesn’t mean to say that I can’t still be involved other ways. Today I’m researching Chinese buying and marketing and all the things that small businesses should look out for. It is an exciting place right now to be and I know had I not started to take note and control of my physical appearance my mental health would have also suffered and I would never be here today. Disability will not stop me today or ever again.


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