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Melt and Pour Saturday

Yesterday was cold and snowing. Perfect for a duvet day, movies and lots of munchies. I am determined not to fall back into that pattern. The lack of energy doesn’t mean I need to give up on willpower. Okay so I’m a chocoholic but I ignored the two Toffeecrisps smiling at me from my fridge saying “take us to sofa and munch us”. That would have only made me nip downstairs to the Sainsbury and buy more.

Instead I tackled cutting up my monstrous block of clear Melt and Pour Soap. It took a long time. It was sweaty and thirsty work. Due to my lack of energy I took breaks but I can still feel my muscles bouncing out my arms. At least I had some exercise! Thankfully I invested in a good cheese knife although expensive it is well worth the money as this block was a beast too get through.

From this block I was able fill two bin liners of cubes. I used white bin liners as they are said to keep the melt and pour soap base fresher. Black or any other coloured bag would eventually mark the the soap base.

I would recommend if you are serious about soap making investing in a double handed cheese knife. I purchased this from ebay