Behind every disability is a person

People in general that consider themselves in reasonable good physical and mental health don’t always understand the traumas faced by those less fortunate. However, most people irrespective of this lack of understanding are usually more empathetic to others less fortunate than themselves.
It is disgusting that a government minister who claims to have grown up with mental health and depression issues is willing to see others less financially fortunate go without.
I worked from the age of sixteen. I have put myself through University three times. I have paid my taxes and national insurance. I am now unable to work owing to my dialysis treatment three times per-week. I would like Mr Freeman to know that I would much rather be earning a high wage rather than living on a pittance on disability.
Mine is a physical disability. Mental illness is worse. It is a hidden illness. Mental illness can cause people to act irrationally. This has led to a loss of lives.
George Freeman is a man that the public elected to represent them in parliament. This is a man who worked his way up in the government. This man was given a responsible job to a constituency that no doubt includes people with disability reliant on help from the government.
Why after such comments is this man allowed to remain in government. Why was he ever referred to as a “BIG brain” in May’s government? God help us all in that case! Just as well he is not ambassador to Trump.
The truth is everyone is born with brains. How we use our brains is dependent on our cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities derive from specific neuronal networks. Our memories, learning and understanding are reliant on our cognitive networks.
The brain also provides one with the ability to apply common sense and rationality. Common sense is an ability to perceive, understand and judge situations rationally. NOT TO MAKE JUDGEMENT.  For people experiencing mental health common sense might prevail but not always rationality.
Mr Freeman if what he says about his childhood is accurate appears to lack on the memory and rational thinking side of things.
A biomedical degree like every other degree requires good learning and memory skills. However, one doesn’t need to have much common sense irrespective of whether it is a first or second class degree.
For a man claiming to have as a child experienced alcoholism and depression his comments suggest that his level of common sense and rationality is at an extreme low.
For a man whose life can be described as privileged his cognitive networks have let him down. His memory of his own childhood should tell him that Mental Health and other forms or disability exist throughout the social classes.
Mr Freeman have you ever heard of the phrase “If you had brains you would be dangerous”? Well this week you have been a shining example Mr BIG brain. You of all people should know that behind every disability is a person. Please treat us like people.


I have had a tub of melt and pour goats milk soap base in my cupboard for sometime. It was almost as difficult to cut as the bigger melt and pour clear soap base.

Last week I made a lavender melt and pour soap base. I tried to use this to make some twirls and add the melt and pour goats milk b ase

My twirls weren’t the best but at least it was an attempt. I then placed them into the mold and sprayed them with alcohol

I forgot to take pictures of how the goats milk soap base looked on top of the lavender melt and pour twirls. I added Jasmine to the GM MP base and a Lemon Drop colour. This is the outcome

The twirls didn’t work out how I wanted them to. I won’t be attempting that again. But the soap is beautiful. The Jasmine works well. The colour of the soap is a pale yellowish colour just like Jasmine. The lavender patterns around the bottom and edges. Its a lovely soap. I’d probably find another way too mix colours in future.

This soap day discouraged me from sitting around munching. I almost had to force myself to eat lunch. However, one of the two Toffee crisps in my fridge didn’t make it. My cousin also a chocoholic called me and I associate her with chocolate. BUT proud to say I was satisfied just to eat one. The other has survived until today. I seem to be sticking to my one bar per-day regime.

Melt and Pour Saturday

Yesterday was cold and snowing. Perfect for a duvet day, movies and lots of munchies. I am determined not to fall back into that pattern. The lack of energy doesn’t mean I need to give up on willpower. Okay so I’m a chocoholic but I ignored the two Toffeecrisps smiling at me from my fridge saying “take us to sofa and munch us”. That would have only made me nip downstairs to the Sainsbury and buy more.

Instead I tackled cutting up my monstrous block of clear Melt and Pour Soap. It took a long time. It was sweaty and thirsty work. Due to my lack of energy I took breaks but I can still feel my muscles bouncing out my arms. At least I had some exercise! Thankfully I invested in a good cheese knife although expensive it is well worth the money as this block was a beast too get through.

From this block I was able fill two bin liners of cubes. I used white bin liners as they are said to keep the melt and pour soap base fresher. Black or any other coloured bag would eventually mark the the soap base.

I would recommend if you are serious about soap making investing in a double handed cheese knife. I purchased this from ebay















Well today it’s freezing outside. I’m still recovering from that terrible bout of pneumonia and wont brave going out.  However, after messing around in my cupboards I came across some melt and pour soap cubes.  I don’t often make melt and pour but these opaque cubes have been there for a while. I had two bags of these

I melted half of cubes into my only two faithful silicon loaf molds.  I added lavender fragrance and lilac colouring. Note that this batch has bubbles appearing. I should have sprayed the alcohol inside the silicon mold prior to pouring. However, I’m not really worried about this because I am planning to use these bases to make soap twirls. All I have to do is use a cheese scrape to take the bubbles out or scrape from the side of the bars.

The second batch I melted I added the Drop Lemon colour with the lemongrass fragrance. I sprayed the mold prior to adding the soap. It looks really good. The Lemon drop colour is also very nice but my pictures do it no justice.

Melt and pour needs at least three hours to set. I left it resting on my kitchen worktop. My kitchen is always cool but I might leave them inside the molds until tomorrow.

I will post more once out of the mold and the twirls. If anyone dares look at this I’d appreciate some tips